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Electrifying Education: Electric School Buses Benefit EVeryone

Electrifying Education: Electric School Buses Benefit EVeryone

The school bus. A hallmark of childhood, with its vibrant yellow paint, every day school buses cruise through our streets, bringing children safely to and from school. The sites of countless childhood conversations and memories, they play an integral part in our communities.

              Which is why the increasing electrification of electric school buses is such a necessary and important development. At first glance, many wonder, why even electrify school buses? Aren’t they all just the same yellow buses? Don’t they all make the daily routine a little easier, bringing kids safely to and from school, sheltering them from the elements on rainy or snowy days?

 Indeed, they do and in many ways, electric school buses are just like their non-electric counterparts … with a few important benefits. 

Reduces air pollution for children and the general population

Most current school buses feature internal combustion engines (ICE). This means they burn fuel(s) like gasoline or diesel, which can create a significant amount of harmful tailpipe emissions, expelling toxic pollutants which we inhale.

Electricity, especially in Massachusetts, where the grid runs off cleaner energy sources, produces less pollution than the process of drilling, refining, transporting and burning of oil or other combustible fuels does. An additional bonus? Using local electricity also provides more local jobs!

Cheaper to fuel and maintain, meaning more money can be allocated towards educational expenses

Electrified vehicles have fewer moving parts to maintain, and often feature improved technologies such as regenerative braking – a type of braking system which provides energy back to the battery and minimizes tire wear-and-tear.

On top of that electricity, especially when provided by municipal light plants, is far cheaper fuel than gasoline – often totaling the equivalent of around $1 a gallon!

Most can help “re-fuel” and balance local power grids!

Many electric school buses have a feature called “Vehicle to Grid” (V2G), where they can redirect electricity back to the school as needed, acting similarly to a generator in the case of power outages or to prevent outages from over draining of the grid.

While most current school buses simply sit empty all day in their designated space, electric school buses can charge and/or discharge power back to the grid as needed. This allows better management of not only school power, but of town power, minimizing the need for and/or chance of brown-outs or blackouts.

Check out an Electric Bus for yourself

              Around the country various EVents are popping up, allowing communities to view, ride in and learn about electric school buses. With EV specialists around to answer questions, live demos and more, these events are prime opportunities to see for yourself what it would be like if your school district made the switch (as so many already have).

Have questions about electric school buses? Thinking of getting a personal electric vehicle, be it a car or truck? Want to learn more about EVs in general or about the amazing incentive programs out there? Get free EV Specialist Support from us now! Contact Us!

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