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EVs – Now Available in EVery Size!

EVs – Now Available in EVery Size!

When people hear the term ‘electric vehicle’, they usually imagine an electric car. Little do they know just how many electrifying varieties of EVs there truly are. From electric cars and trucks to e-bikes and large electric transport buses; electric vehicles are more than just another word for your neighbors Prius.

Small EVs – e-bikes, and microcars

The first group of EVs are those on the smaller side and for less frequent use. This includes vehicles such as e-bikes, and microcars like Twizy’s. These vehicles are great in areas with short commute distances that are either heavily congested (like cities) or experience high tourist traffic.

Examples include:

  • City of Boston e-bikes (learn more about how e-bikes are innovating delivery services in Boston here: )
  • Twizy’s for tourists in my home country of Bermuda (Learn more here)
  • Aptera – solar-powered EVs due to roll out some time next year (learn more here)
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Medium – electric cars and trucks

The next group of EVs contains electric cars and trucks. These are the vehicles you are most likely to encounter in everyday life, and perhaps even drive one day! Electric cars and trucks can be further grouped by their fuel sources, are they all-electric/ battery electric vehicles (BEVs) or plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)? 

Some examples:

  • Cars: Chevy Bolt EUV, Kia Niro, Ford Mach-E, Toyota RAV4 Prime, Tesla Model Y & Model 3
  • Trucks: Ford F150 Lightning, Rivian

Large- school buses, commercial transport vehicles

The last grouping of EVs includes electric school buses (see Highland and Proterra) and commercial transport vehicles (see Amazon Prime trucks, Tesla and Walmart semi-trucks). These vehicles are becoming increasingly visible as more schools and large companies begin adding them to their fleets.

There are many types of EVs. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of different circumstances. There are many types because there everyone’s needs are different. EVs have become more accessible than ever to a wide variety of drivers and riders, and will only continue to be, as EV innovation and adoption continues. Whether they are needed to run commercial empires, bring the next generation to school, help us in our daily commute, or to make short trips a little easier and a little more fun, there is no limit to what EVs can do.

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